Joining forces for transformational learning

onebillion is an official competitor in the Global Learning XPRIZE. The winning technology will be open source and available to the world, to be iterated, improved upon and employed where needed. The competition’s objective goes hand in hand with our ambition of developing personalised learning software to teach children to read and write.

What is the Global Learning XPRIZE?

The $15M Global Learning XPRIZE is a competition that challenges teams from around the world to develop open source software solutions that will facilitate an autonomous learning environment for children living in remote areas of the world. The winning technology will result in children achieving a predetermined level of proficiency in reading, writing and arithmetic. The winning technology created from the Global Learning XPRIZE will be open sourced and available to the world, to be iterated, improved upon and employed where needed.

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What is our contribution?

We have set ourselves the ambitious goal of ensuring one billion children receive the education they deserve and rely on our growing relationships with local partners and governments to achieve this. Participating in the Global Learning XPRIZE is an opportunity to accelerate development of our reading software.

In Malawi, we are supporting the expansion of the oneclass: Unlocking Talent project lead by VSO Malawi and the Ministry of Education. Children in participating schools are using our Maths apps in 30-minute sessions on solar powered iPads. Later in 2015, they will be the first ones to learn to read with our literacy software.

We believe a personalised approach is the key to children embracing what they are taught. Like our Maths apps, our reading software will be a comprehensive and carefully structured course to help, guide and praise every child in their own language as they learn.

Numeracy and literacy are the bedrock of unlocking children’s individual talents. We want to succeed in giving each child the foundation to reach higher and dream bigger.

Global Learning XPRIZE