We build up work in the numeracy section very slowly and carefully, by tackling concepts in stages and giving plenty of practice throughout.

We base early preparatory work on sorting and patterns, and use pictorial representations of numbers before children move onto counting. Before tackling addition and subtraction, children will have already done work with number lines and real-life objects to ensure deep conceptual understanding.

Sample units

Sorting different objects.
Making the link between pictorial representations of numbers and abstract numbers.
Which number is bigger? Tap a balloon.
A short video to show working out sums using bottle tops.
Learning to count in 5s.
Children tap the lever to add another set of 10 balls until they reach 100.
Counting the corners of different 2D shapes.
Using number lines to solve equations.
Practising counting by filling in the missing numbers.
For detailed information about the pedagogical approach of onecourse and the child’s experience with onetab, we encourage you to download our digital handbook.