one billion children numerate and reading in their own language

About us

We are a non-profit organisation based in London. Our international team of experts have built comprehensive, scalable educational software for children in and out of school.

Together with partner organisations around the world, we work to bring this software directly into the hands of the child. By encouraging independent researchers to evaluate our software, we make absolutely sure that it meets the needs of the child.

What we do

  1. Develop educational software for reading and numeracy in the child’s own language, or the local language of instruction.
  2. Support global partners to get our software into the hands of children around the world.

The child at the centre

Children are at the heart of everything we do. Particularly, those who are most vulnerable, including children with special educational needs, refugees and girls and boys in remote areas.

Despite more children attending school than ever, there are still persistent disparities in learning outcomes. We believe that radical, innovative initiatives must be chosen to address this issue.

At onebillion, we support the Sustainable Development Goals and are fully committed to giving all children the skills they need to unlock their individual talents.

Our Impact