What is onetest?

onetest is a rapid digital assessment that gives a snapshot of a child’s level in literacy and numeracy. It gives both an overall score and scores for individual subskills in literacy and numeracy

Who is it for?

onetest is for use by Ministries of Education, teachers, researchers and implementation partners.

Ultimately though, onetest is for the child. When key stakeholders can rapidly determine children’s literacy and numeracy levels, appropriate action can be taken to make a change that will improve ‘children’s’ learning outcomes as soon as possible.

The goal of onetest is to bring positive change for the child and their learning outcomes, by identifying which interventions are working, whether that’s on a national level or within a single classroom.


onetest is currently available in: Chichewa, Swahili, French for West and Central Africa, Portuguese for Mozambique, International English and American English. More languages will follow. Please contact us if you’d like a particular language to be considered.

How has onetest been developed and tested?

onetest has been developed in-house at onebillion, with input from education experts and with our years of experience developing learning solutions that work for the child. Each localisation is created with input from local pedagogy experts to ensure quality is maintained in each new language.

We are working with research partners to validate onetest against existing assessments to ensure accuracy.

How to try onetest

onetest is available to download now for free from Google Play and the App Store. The free, open beta version will help us further ensure accuracy of the test, and give teachers and partners the chance to try it with their children. You can read our privacy policy on data collection here.

onetest is simple to use – install it onto your device and select Home or School, depending on where you intend to use it. At home, you can add individual children and for school use, you can also add them to classes.

To start a new test, simply select a child’s name, choose Reading or Maths and pass the device to the child. They will be guided through the test by a digital teacher. The whole test takes around 10 minutes, depending on the child’s level.

Once the child has finished a test, you will see their overall result, as well as a breakdown for individual subtests. You can compare these scores over time to track children’s progression.

Please submit any feedback you have on onetest by emailing us: info@onebillion.org