A projector to make classroom time count

With over 100 students to teach and few resources, the job of a Malawian teacher is challenging. With our portable solar-powered projector, we can provide them with high quality resources that can be projected to every child in their class.

How can a projector help?

Most primary schools in Malawi don’t have access to either high-quality teaching resources or electricity. Unlocking Talent learning centres aim to give all children the fundamentals of literacy and numeracy through apps that each child works through at their own pace. Their progress is remarkable.

Building on this, how can we empower teachers with high-quality resources that they can use with their whole class?

  • Create a portable solar-powered projector for teachers to use inside their classrooms
  • Curate a set of useful resources on a variety of topics that can be operated from a tablet and connected to the projector
  • Train teachers on the use of the projector
  • Whitewash a wall in each classroom and mark up the positioning of the projector

Teachers will have access to a curated set of engaging and valuable apps, videos and books. Whilst the projector will be used in participating oneclass schools for the time being, the projector is easily scalable and could become a tool for more more diverse needs, including medical or social workers.

How does it work?

The current prototype consists of:

  • A bright, yet low-power LED projector that provides a bright enough image to be seem from anywhere in a typical classrooom.
  • A long-life battery enabling the teacher to use the projector with their class for many hours.
  • Multiple charging options: solar power, a car lighter socket or a oneclass solar cabinet
  • An Apple TV and iPad Mini, so the teacher can mirror whatever they want to chare with the whole class - wirelessy.
  • An amplified speaker system so every child can hear.

We would like to thank Chris Moller and CP Cases who helped design and manufacture the first prototype projectors.