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Solar-powered learning centres, a portable solar projector, community models… We develop scalable pilot solutions that respond to local challenges.

oneclass, a solar-powered learning centre

In 2013, we developed oneclass - a solar-powered classroom for Malawian children to learn numeracy on iPads.

Standard 1 learners working on 'Masamu' (numeracy) at their own pace

The pilot project was run at Biwi Primary School in Lilongwe, Malawi’s capital. The University of Nottingham conducted a randomised controlled trial to find out if this project really delivers significant learning gains for the children. And it did! 1 week of using the software for 30 minutes a day led to 3 months of formal education.

The childrens iPads being charged at the end of the day using solar power

This oneclass pilot at Biwi Primary School led to a nationwide initiative called Unlocking Talent. Our partners VSO, the Malawian Ministry of Science, Education, and Technology, international donors and other organisations are now scaling Unlocking Talent in Malawi and beyond.

Read more about the Unlocking Talent initiative in Malawi →

A projector to make classroom time count

Most primary schools in Malawi don’t have access to either high-quality teaching resources or electricity. How can we empower teachers with high-quality resources that they can use with their whole class?

  • Create a portable solar-powered projector for teachers to use inside their classrooms
  • Curate a set of useful resources on a variety of topics that can be operated from a tablet and connected to the projector
  • Train teachers on the use of the projector
  • Whitewash a wall in each classroom and mark up the positioning of the projector

We have developed a prototype that consists of:

  • A bright, yet low-power LED projector that provides a bright enough image to be seem from anywhere in a typical classrooom.
  • A long-life battery enabling the teacher to use the projector with their class for many hours.
  • Multiple charging options: solar power, a car lighter socket or a oneclass solar cabinet
  • An Apple TV and iPad Mini, so the teacher can mirror whatever they want to share with the whole class - wirelessly.
  • An amplified speaker system so every child can hear.

We would like to thank Chris Moller and CP Cases who helped design and manufacture the first prototype projectors. The design is available under a Creative Commons licence. To receive the schematics and a parts list, please contact us.

The third protype projector, currently being trialled at a primary school in Malawi

Education in the hands of the child

We are now designing a new pilot in Kenya to see if putting onecourse directly in the hands of the child can deliver significant learning outcomes.

By introducing 100 locked-down tablets to rural mothers in a remote Kenyan village, we’ll work with a research institute to ascertain if this can work in a pilot for 400 Swahili-speaking children.

Using the mobile data network, we'll be able to collect a wealth of data about how children use onecourse, outside of any formal schooling. All in realtime.

If you would like to get involved and help us fund this pilot, please get in touch.