onecourse offers children a library filled with over 300 stories, written and illustrated to teach, engage and fascinate. Our local and in-country authors write stories where the child can see themselves and their own realities, while also unlocking the door to new worlds, realms, and possibilities.

onecourse stories are carefully chosen and/or adapted to suit specific cultures and contexts, and each can be accessed in a range of different modes. The 7 different story modes range from the child listening to spoken audio to all text being shown with words highlighted in synch with the audio, to finally the child being able to record themselves and listen back to their stories.

Sample units

All our stories are carefully selected and edited.
One of the open-source stories from African Storybook.
A number of stories were written and illustrated specially for onecourse.
onecourse also uses open-source stories from the Indian StoryWeaver project...
... and Book Dash, who are based in South Africa.
Stories are available in different modes – including comprehension questions – and different levels, based on length and complexity.
The level of a story determines which mode is presented to a child at different points in the course.
Children have access to the full library once the studying is done for the day, so they can choose their favourite stories to read again.
Some stories mirror familiar places, others are a window to the world.
For detailed information about the pedagogical approach of onecourse and the child’s experience with onetab, we encourage you to download our digital handbook.