one app for reading & numeracy
in the child's own language.

What is onecourse?

  • onecourse is a full course for children to learn reading and numeracy from scratch with little or no adult support.
  • onecourse is modular. The child is guided through the carefully designed course by a friendly teacher character. The modular structure allows for personalisation and evolving through new or modified content.
  • onecourse is always in the child's language. Starting with Swahili, English and Chichewa, it will consist of thousands of learning units.

How can I get onecourse?

The onecourse numeracy material is available on the App Store in 50 different languages.
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The onecourse reading material is not yet available as a standalone app. We are developing the course in Chichewa, Swahili and English at the moment, with many more languages to follow.
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onecourse Chichewa is already being used by Malawian children as part of the Unlocking Talent initiative.
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onecourse Swahili and onecourse English have been submitted to the Global Learning XPRIZE competition. If onebillion is selected as a finalist, the software will be released under an open source licence.
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Malawian children reading some of the higher-level stories, with help for tricky words

Receiving a star as a reward for completing a vocabulary practice unit

Indian children practising tracing the number '4', with audio help in Hindi

A child practising letter recogition in Swahili, using different glyphs

A Malawian boy tracing the letter 'a', with instructional audio in Chichewa