the classroom of the future

oneclass is transforming the learning of young children using technology. Personalised learning is delivered to each child in their own language inside a simple, solar-powered classroom. Using iPad tablets, they learn at their own pace using an engaging and carefully structured set of apps. It costs as little as £10 for a child to gain the core skills of numeracy, literacy and English through oneclass.

How does oneclass work?

  • oneclass is equipped with a set of locked-down iPads. Many children will use each iPad over its lifetime.
  • Every Standard 1 & 2 child spends several sessions a week in their oneclass.
  • They are taken through a carefully structured set of onebillion apps to teach them maths. Reading and English courses are in development.
  • All of the apps are in Chichewa and cover the entire Standard 1 & 2 curricula.
  • Children learn at their own pace, and are rewarded every step of the way. They are guided by a virtual teacher character, who shows 'how to'.
  • Teachers at the school manage each oneclass. They help, guide and praise each child as they learn. They use their own dedicated tablet to help them.
  • Childrens' progress is monitored remotely over the internet.
  • oneclass can be totally powered by a low-cost renewable solar energy system.
Gaining a certificate

A Standard 2 learner being awarded a certificate for completing his first maths topic

Why choose oneclass?

  • Independent evidence shows children using oneclass show significant learning gains.
  • Touch-based technology means there is almost no learning curve for children. They are motivated to learn and results are evident immediately.
  • The focus of oneclass is on the guided learning of the individual child, not on providing access to curated content.
  • Tablet usage is maximised because many children will use them each and every day.
  • Children are only allowed to use the onebillion maths, reading and English apps , keeping them totally focussed on learning.
  • Each child's learning journey is tailored to their individual needs. Their weaknesses are targetted and strengths discovered.
  • Teachers are empowered to deliver differentiated learning in their lessons as over- and under-achieving learners are easily identified by oneclass.
  • oneclass is fully endorsed by the Malawi Ministry of Education, Science and technology (MoEST). Using technology to deliver learning is part of the government's 2017 National Education Sector Plan .
  • The oneclass team is responsible for the full rollout of the programme. This includes implementation, stakeholder buy-in, provision of quarterly status reports, remote monitoring and evaluation.
  • oneclass uses high quality energy-efficient Apple iPad mini tablets. They have a useful lifetime of a least four years.
  • Sustainability is achieved through significant skills transfer to the facilitator and teachers.
Gaining a certificate

Standard 1 learners working on masamu at their own pace

How is learning being transformed?

  • Major learning gains have been shown by a randomised control trial carried out by the University of Nottingham .
  • A similar trial undertaken in a UK primary school has shown similarly impressive learning gains .
  • Using tablets increases excitement to learn and improves learners' behaviour and focus.
  • The introduction of tablets decreases absenteeism from school.
  • Increased levels of self-confidence through personalised learning, aimed at matching the levels of the individual learner.
  • Improved level of teacher commitment and engagement. Tablets help with teacher motivation as it supports and enhances their teaching practice.
Two girls helping learn masamu

Delivering core skills to girls is one of the key focusses of oneclass

Is oneclass value for money?

oneclass provides excellent value for money in delivering high quality personalised learning to Malawian children. The costs of a typical oneclass:

Cost (GBP) Qty Total
iPad Mini 16Gb WiFi 190 30 5,700
Protective cases 10 30 300
Headphones 5 30 150
Charging unit 495 1 495
Server 50 1 50
WiFi router 100 1 100
Printer 50 1 50
Solar power
250W solar panel 400 1 400
100 Ah battery 100 2 200
Charge controller 1 1 100
25 sqm building 4000 1 4,000
Secure charging cabinet 500 1 500
Signage 100 1 100
Contingency 500 1 500
Total cost 12,645
Solar powered iPads are used by children in oneclass

All iPads can be charged using solar power, meaning oneclass works even in rural schools

Can I sponsor a oneclass?

Yes! A sponsored oneclass would give you:

  • Signage on the classroom.
  • An online 'dashboard' to monitor learners' progress in realtime.
  • Communication with the school - teachers, learners and the school management commitee.
  • An opportunity for in-depth case studies.

Please contact us to find out more about sponsoring a oneclass in Malawi

A typical oneclass classroom

A typical oneclass classroom. Groups of up to 30 children at a time use oneclass throughout the day.

online dashboard to remotely monitor childrens progress

The online dashboard used to remotely monitor childrens progress.