onebillion announced as a grantee of the LEGO Foundation to build a comprehensive learning journey for neurodivergent - and all - children

April 1st, 2024

We are thrilled to be renewing our partnership with the LEGO Foundation in a new 3-year grant designed to significantly improve our digital learning experience for neurodivergent - and all - children. Following our participation in the LEGO Foundation’s Play for All Accelerator programme in 2023, we will now be consolidating our learnings on neurodiversity and inclusive design to build a suite of new content to address the needs of marginalised children. This will include content to support children who need additional practice and support with the skills that will enable them to progress and succeed in their learning - particularly skills related to language, early numeracy and reasoning, working memory and SEL.

We are very grateful to the LEGO Foundation for enabling this important work, and to our partners for supporting with feedback on our software, research into its efficacy, and implementation of software iterations. Special thanks go to Hopeview Resource Centre in Malawi, Treloweth School, University of Malawi, University of Nottingham, Imagine Worldwide, nasen, our library contributors who brought their lived experience of SEND, and the many neurodivergent children who continue to offer feedback on their experience with the software. The improvements we will be making to onecourse will be used by millions of children in both school and community settings - including every primary school child in Malawi under the Government of Malawi’s national rollout of onetab.