COVID-19 UPDATE: How we can keep children learning

March 30th, 2020

A solution for out-of-school children learning to read, write and do maths

onebillion, joint winner of the Global Learning XPRIZE, has developed a customised, low-cost Android tablet – onetab – for children to learn at home. onetab comes pre-installed with our comprehensive numeracy and literacy software, comprising 4000 learning units and hundreds of stories. Children learn in their own language – currently English, Swahili and Chichewa.

This software has been used in Canada, Malawi, Tanzania, the UK and all over the world – with proven results. Children learn autonomously, supported by a digital teacher. Adaptive technology provides personalised learning sessions at the right level. There’s no need to login, and no need for internet connection.

onebillion has manufacturers in place to deliver onetab in quantities of 1000+ at a cost of approximately $50 per unit.

We want to hear from anyone who can help get onetabs to the children who need them. Together, we can keep a billion children learning.

Contact to be part of the solution.