onecourse is now in International English

December 10th, 2019

Our onecourse numeracy and literacy software, initially made in Chichewa for Malawi and Swahili for Tanzania, has now been developed in International English.

A variety of different voices – including from Kenya and the UK – bring to life digital teacher Anna; onecourse’s database of words, phrases and sentences; and the 160 illustrated stories in onecourse’s library.

As with Chichewa and Swahili, the English reading course takes children from distinguishing sounds, to matching sounds to letters, to making words, right through to reading with comprehension. Phonics teaching is supported by stories, which are introduced from the start to give children context for their learning, but above all to entertain, engage and develop a love of reading.

The library of stories covers a wide range of themes, cultures and contexts, to both reflect the world that children know, and to give them a window into other worlds. However, comprehension is key, so we edited any tricky idioms that don’t transfer across borders to ensure universal appeal.

International English opens up opportunities to bring onecourse to children in many more countries, including in Africa and the Pacific. The English onecourse is already being used in Uganda, Malawi, Ghana, Tanzania, Canada and Myanmar.

We are now working on streamlining our localisation process and will be starting work on our next languages shortly.