onebillion wins in a tie for $15M Global Learning XPRIZE

May 15th, 2019

onebillion and team Kitkit School were jointly announced as the grand prize winners of the $10 million purse in the Global Learning XPRIZE. The competition challenged teams from around the world to develop software for children to teach themselves reading, writing and arithmetic.

In an unprecedented field trial in Tanzania that was carried out by the Tanzanian Government, UNESCO and the World Food Programme, thousands of children with no formal education were given tablets to test the five finalist software solutions over a period of 15 months. Independent researchers conducted assessments before and after the trial. onecourse, which was developed by onebillion in collaboration with local and international experts, delivered significant learning gains in reading, writing and maths.

onebillion will use the prize money wisely to localise onecourse into more languages, make the software accessible for children with special educational needs, and scale new ways of giving children access.

We will work with NGOs, Governments and funders to get onecourse into the hands of one billion children. This starts now.

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