onecourse for schools

onecourse is used in schools by hundreds of thousands of children around the world.

In a school environment, children learn on dedicated tablets, which are shared by multiple children each day. The onecourse software adapts to the level of each child, with no need for individual logins. Children learn at their own pace, accessing personalized learning sessions in both numeracy and literacy at their level. onecourse is currently in use in schools under the Unlocking Talent initiative, a joint programme between Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) International and onebillion. Learn more about our current projects.

Children across the world are already using onecourse in their schools and their teachers are seeing positive results.

Pat, a Grade 5 teacher at Nicols Primary School in South Africa said:

The children have taken to it like fish to water. It’s a super at your level, at your pace kind of programme. The children have had a huge dose of self-esteem, self-confidence, self-worth administered to them. The programme has changed them from the inside out. They’re delighted to learn. They’re enthusiastic, they’re focussed whilst working…It warms my heart as a teacher and repairs my faith in education.