onecourse for communities

onecourse for communities is designed for children and adults to use outside a school environment.

We work with like-minded NGOs and implementation partners to ensure children, wherever they are, can access the very best learning software.

onecourse for communities has three key zones:

Study Zone

In the Study Zone, literacy and numeracy is combined into sets of short learning units which the child works through day by day. The Study Zone learning units slowly increase in difficulty as the child works their way through the full course.

Play Zone

The Play Zone is packed full of a wide range of activities which include playful practice, practice tests of concepts met in the Study Zone, as well as activities to foster creativity and collaboration amongst members of the community. There is minimal instruction in the Play Zone, encouraging children to work out how to use each component.

Community Zone

Children can switch between the Play Zone and the Community Zone after completing their day’s learning units in the Study Zone.
In the Community Zone, children can invite their parents, friends, and other members of the community to work through the day’s learning units for practice. They can also access stories and fun activities in the Play Zone which helps to foster an environment of collaborative learning and sharing.

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