one app that delivers reading, writing and numeracy

What is onecourse?

onecourse is a comprehensive, modular course for children. Children learn to read, write and become numerate on tablets by working through a carefully structured course made up of thousands of engaging activities, games, and stories. onecourse is designed to be adapted into many different languages. Our first languages are Swahili (Tanzania), Chichewa (Malawi) and English (International).

Meet Alefa

Alefa is our digital teacher. She guides each child through the course one step at a time, giving instant support and encouragement. She appears on screen herself, or as a pointing hand. For each new activity, she shows ‘how to’ and gives short, simple and clear instructions. Depending on which language she speaks, Alefa’s name changes. In Swahili, she is called Mahira and in English, Anna.

Learning Units

In onecourse, the child works through an ordered set of learning units covering reading, writing, and numeracy. Each is a short interactive activity to teach or provide practice for a particular concept or skill.

onecourse provides each child with an individual journey. Regular tests enable onecourse to deliver the best course for each individual child’s learning level.

onecourse for schools

onecourse for schools is implemented in a school environment. Find out how onecourse supports children and teachers in the classroom.

onecourse for communities

onecourse for communities is designed for children who have little or no access to formal schooling, for example in very remote villages and refugee camps. Learn more about how onecourse encourages collaborative learning for out-of-school children and their families.

For detailed information about the pedagogical approach of onecourse and the child’s experience with onetab, we encourage you to download our digital handbook.